Sustaining Excellence With Resilience

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  • Self-Paced, Online Training
  • Three Nursing Credit Hours
  • Holistic Approach Focusing on Learnable Behaviors

We understand that times are turbulent, and everyday life can lack consistency. The healthcare industry's workload demands are going up every day; customer expectations are higher than they've ever been before. Your job requires you to be more resilient than ever, but very few people know how to channel this state of mind and take the good out of every situation.

Let our course be your guide.

Our Instructors

Your guide to applying resilience to the modern workplace.

I've always admired resilient professionals, and now I can be one. This course was easy to follow and actually helped me determine my existing strengths to build off on. I've found new skills for adapting to situations, rather than feeling like I need to tolerate my workload more.

Macey W.


Resilience is not about tolerating more in life.

Resilience is a state of mind and can be learned and practiced as a translatable skill in all areas of life. Our holistic approach focuses on learnable behaviors to help you become a resilient nurse.  

Dispel a few modern myths

Understand the more precise definition of resilience

Unveil your current strengths while getting to know your true self

Learn about adaptation and positioning for interchangeable scenarios

Jamie Hansen is the founder of Alloy Solutions, a team of workplace relationship experts driven to help leaders and teams thrive and organizations grow. Jamie is passionate about sharing sound leadership success strategies to engage teams and add value to the organizations she serves. Jamie has over 20 years of experience in employee assistance and professional counseling, and is a best-selling author and a sought-after speaker, coach, and facilitator for business and community groups across the country. 

In the online, self-paced course, we will:

Jamie Hansen, M.S., LPC

Owner, Alloy Solutions

Ryan Hansen is a speaker, trainer, and coach for Alloy Solutions. Ryan loves to watch the transformation that occurs when growth-oriented leaders are paired with proven tools and resources to succeed. Ryan has a proven track record for collaborating with teams and leaders to drive organizational improvement and has helped organizations of all sizes maximize their potential and achieve their desired outcomes.  

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Ryan Hansen

Trainer, Speaker, and Coach

Resilience is not about tolerating more in life.

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